Horiana has a deep passion for working with the community. She bring a strong marketing and communications acumen. Ensuring the trust progresses towards our vision of a vibrant, healthy, connected community. Horiana has dedicated over 10 years to the sustainable development of communities within Hawkes Bay with a particular focus on bridging the health inequalities for Maori. Horiana is a proud Flaxmere resident who originally hails from Waimarama. 


Jeanette has been our longest serving governance member. As a trustee,  Jeanette has always ensured the interests of the community remains our highest priority, and that all Hawkes Bay people benefit from our services. Jeanette has extensive experience in event and project management, having played an influential part in the development of the sport and recreation sector for Hawkes Bay. Jeanette was raised in Camberley and still remains active in the community, supporting  a number of grass-roots projects. 


Joel served in the Royal New Zealand Navy for 12 years a Navy Diver and with the Special Forces Commando Unit. After serving his country for many years, he decided to pursue his passion for education by working towards raising Maori and Pasifika education achievement. He has worked in the education sector for the past six years and is now based in Tauranga Moana with his fiance and tamariki, completing his masters in Maori Business Administration (focusing on Maori and Pasifika education achievement). 


Tammy is an administrator extraordinaire. Her clerical and organisational skills are great contributing factors to the solid infrastructure of the trust. Tammy is a dedicated mother raising her two daughters aged 11 and 2 years of age. She is passionate about health and fitness and enjoys boxing, cross-fit alongside quality time with whanau.